Tumble Cubs

At Jacksonville Academy of Gymnastics we are proud to offer a separate area designed specifically for our early childhood program.  The curriculum for this program is structured around physical, cognitive, and emotional development of these specific age groups. Our equipment is age and size appropriate in order to provide a safe and engaging learning environment. Our goals for our 3 and 4 year old students are to learn to follow simple instructions, stay in their respective space, and progress to learning the basic skills of gymnastics.


Jumping Jaguars

At Jacksonville Academy of Gymnastics, we have designed a transitional program for our 5 and 6 year old students. While it is important for them to get adjusted to the actual sized gymnastics equipment, we believe that a slow transition allows for better progress and less fear. They will participate in our recreational floor circuits, transition to our lowered high beams, and they will continue to work on our age and size appropriate bars to help them develop proper grip strength and technique.  Our goals for our 5 and 6 year old students are to transition to our big equipment, execute the stations after the coaches' explanations and examples, and perfect basic skills, while working on combinations.


Ruby & Sapphire Classes

At Jacksonville Academy of Gymnastics, we have a specially designed recreational program for ages 7 and up. Our recreational students participate on all regulation equipment. Our goal is to instill the importance of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle into our students. Our lesson plans include, gymnastics instructions, flexibility, and cardiovascular/fitness exercises to help our students realize the importance of being active. Our goal for our recreational program is for our students to make consistent progress in the sport of gymnastics to the very best of their physical ability. It doesn't matter where they start or how far they go, as long as they come and give their very best every day!


Iron Man

At Jacksonville Academy of Gymnastics, we know that boys LOVE to be active and have fun. We have designed our Iron Man program to incorporate exercises that enhance agility, upper body, strength, and core strength.  Of course you will always see the boys getting good pit time and football time, because boys are going to be boys!